Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hurray For Cam-er-as!!

It came!  A couple weeks ago, I told you our camera had suffered a terrible accident.  Canon wanted $90 to start with and then they weren't sure how much it would cost to fix.  I determined that I needed just one part.  Then learned I would actually need three parts, because the "ONE" part I needed was actually THREE (looked like one to me).  Whatever.  It cost a grand total of fourteen bucks, give or take a few cents.  Well, the parts came yesterday and I set about fixing the camera.  

I probably spent about 30-45 minutes working on it.  The problem was two small springs that activated the lens covers.  Simple in operation, difficult to put together without instructions.  Those little teeny-weeny springs had a tendency to shoot off in directions unknown.  Much of my time was spent searching for the damned springs!  Imagine a spring about half the length of a grain of rice, now imagine the darned thing at about 1/3 of the diameter.  Next, imagine it shooting of to destinations up to a foot-and-a-half away.  

That would be bad enough, but the easiest way to seat the springs and lens covers was with the camera on.  It shuts off after 60 seconds without activity.  Imagine working with these tiny little springs, with your fingers just about to put the final touch to it, when the stupid camera sucks in the place you are putting your spring...kazoing!  Off goes the spring!  Followed by a stream of cussing that probably wilted a few plants and damaged the dog's self-image.

I finally managed it, though!  Hurray for me!  


Grandma L said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your knowing you could fix the camera yourself. I would never in a million years assumed I could do that. And you did it and it works fine. Think of the money you saved. Cora, you are married to a genius. Sorry, you had to listen to all that foul language.

ccd said...

A genius hmm?? I'll leave that one alone brother, for your sake.

Glad you got it fixed. Cute smiles too!

Cora said...

So happy it was only a $14 fix! It will be nice having the camera back.
Thank you for fixing it even though I know you want a new camera :0)