Monday, February 15, 2010

Color Me Home!
Today!!!  I am pleased to show you all the fruit of our recent labors!!  This is OUR first Coloring Book!!  This endeavor, which we have dubbed "Color Me Home," is intended to help us bring our little boy, Aiden, home by raising money to help us afford some of the numerous fees associated with adoption.

Given the on-going nature of our adoption, there are many unplanned things that have come up.  For instance, we are having to update our home study for the fifth time.  We are having to renew our immigration documents for the third time.  Then there is travel!  There are other unplanned things, all of which require...yep, you guessed it MONEY.  

This is our first coloring book and it has a theme.  Our theme is "Under the Sea."  We feel that sea creatures give a greater opportunity for color choice and creativity.  You will find all manner of sea creature!  Fishes of every shape and size!  Crabs, starfish, and sea horses also complement this book.  There are twenty-five pages for your little one, or you (we promise to tell no one), to color!  We have also designed the cover to be colored.

As a substitute teacher I have had the opportunity to test many of these on willing guinea pigs.  My students seem to take unbelievable enjoyment in coloring my pictures.  What has been more surprising to me is the reaction of high school students to the chance to have a coloring sheet.  Even Cora and I have colored a few sheets.  It is surprisingly relaxing.

We are suggesting a donation of $5.00 plus about $2 for shipping.  Please go to our new SITE and have a look!!  ...and buy a book.  The name of our new site is Color Me Home!

If this first book goes well, we expect to begin producing more.  We have several ideas lined up.  All that remains is a few more drawings.  Unfortunately, I do have to work and do not get to draw as much as I might like.  Look forward to more books in the next few months!


Cora said...

I think they will be a hit! Your drawings are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I bought one last night and I believe I was the first. Thank you.

Kelly said...

I will be buying one soon!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

You need to go add this info to the new blog Jim! I ordered some and didn't even know the details!!

denise said...

Sweet! I'm headed over to place an order.