Saturday, February 20, 2010

I like Saturdays! I Want More!

Last night was a relaxing evening that saw a bottle of merlot fall victim to its own good taste.  We greived for it with toasts to our health.  I believe it met an end to be proud of.  

This morning I awoke bright and early.  Not by choice, but by the decisive and rather imperative nature of my bladder.  I decided sleep would not visit again, and that I was rested enough, so I made a cup of coffee.  Lately it has been a Rwandan Coffee.  It is delicious, especially if brewed strong enough.

My parents had planned on coming up to visit and pick up a few copies of Color Me Home.  So, Cora and I put the house in a presentable condition and waited.  Mind you, putting it into a presentable condition took much longer than the waiting.  

It was great visiting with them today!  They brought pizza!  We enjoyed their visit AND we ended up selling four coloring books!  

It was such a nice day, I would not mind having a few more just like it.  Cora and I went to town for a while after my parents had gone home.  We picked up a few things and then came home.  

When we got home I began work on some new coloring pages.  I will let you see a preview of some of the transportation coloring book that we will be publishing as soon as I have 25 decent pictures finished.  A few, as you can see, are still ...on the drawing board, so to speak.  Others have been ready for awhile.  the school bus is one that many a child has practiced on.  the others, well, I think I'm on the right track.  except for the tow truck...any suggestions?
We had a little time and a couple extra sheets, so we both took a crack at coloring to show our finished finished product!

These are actual pictures in our coloring book.  I hope that those of you who have purchased a book will send us pictures of your own finished products!!  I suspect all of us would like to see what can be done with these!

Some of the other themes we are considering are Animals, Dinosaurs, and ABCs.  One that may eventually pan out is one of Princesses and Castles.  I hope those of you who are interested will not hesitate to mention other potential themes!  I cannot thank you all enough for the support you have given us!!  I hope it continues!


Cora said...

It has been a good day and I feel like we got a lot done!

Kelly said...

When you get the transportation book done, let me know - I'll want one of it and one of the under the sea. Thanks!!!