Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Does It Add Up?

I was in a math class yesterday.  Enjoyed it, as the kids were teaching each other math and I had very little to do with it.  We DID correct a few problems.  The math teacher was kind enough to leave the answers.  I would have just put the answers: 2, 3, 1,4 up on the board.  But, I got the idea to have the students come up and show how they got it...good thing too, since their equations contained wood and other materials...well, it said LOG.  Anyway, so they took upwards of ten minutes to put the equation and answer on the bored to just come up with a simple number 2.  Well, that's not completely true.  One kid came up with 1.999.  I told him he was wrong.  He started to get ruffled.  I cut him off before he could explain Rifkin's 32nd Law or some such thing, and told him, "I show 2."  Then he realized he was being had and we all got a chuckle out of it.

I spent awhile last night looking for a few things.  Aircraft crashes that I was unaware of, to be exact.  It's funny how Google will put in new things once in awhile without mentioning it to you.  I found you can look things up in news papers.  All you do it type in your search parameters, then click the "NEWS" button at the top.  Some helpful person has scanned in A LOT of newspapers from over the years.  Last time I had checked you had to get subscriptions and pay to look at old newspapers online.  I'm not sure how it works, but these computer programs are pretty damned nifty when it comes to looking for things!

I have Google searching everyday for the words "Ship" and "Decommissioning."  You see, the decommissioning of the first 688 class submarine built came as a surprise to me back in January.  I would like some warning about such things...hence the search.

I also have it searching for something related to the FICON project from the 1950s.  I have a feeling that the GRB-36 bombers and the small fighters they carried were actually breaking into Soviet airspace, but I have no specific proof, just supposition by me and others, and the US government would never mention it.  On the other hand, some veteran MIGHT step up and mention it...I want to be ready when he does.

I get to teach at an elementary today.  Beyond that I know not what I am doing.  The teacher had yet to enter that information.

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