Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It Expired WHEN?!

We have been trying to save money by not going out as much and keeping down grocery bills and cutting out some other things we do.  We have been doing pretty good.  Tonight, after a month of eating in  (and not counting this weekend when we were in the tri-cities), we decided to splurge and have pizza.  We went with the take and bake option.

While there, I decided to bring some beer home to go with the pizza.  I walked in.  I chose an appropriate selection.  I walked to the counter.  I pulled out my card.  I was about to swipe my card.  The evil lady behind the counter asked to see my ID.  I opened up my wallet and showed her.  She said fine.  I began to put it away.  She said, "May I see it again?"  Getting mildly annoyed I said yes and showed her again.  She said, "It's expired."  I summoned a word from my best, most intelligent sounding vocabulary list and said, "What?"  I happened to know for a fact it won't expire until my birthday!  HA!

I glanced at my license.  I glanced again.  And it was then that I saw the place where she was pointing.  It said 2009.  I stared blankly and then it dawned on me.  this year is...(drum roll please) ...(hey, my thought processes are kinda slow, ok?)...2010!  SHIT!  It's 2010!  This thing says it expired in 2009!  Hey!  That's like last year!

The lady behind the counter would not let me enjoy this startling realization, let alone share it.  She simply looked at me disappointedly.  Actually, now that I consider it, she might have been looking at me accusingly.  She took the beer and put it behind the counter.  "I can't sell this to you."

Normally, I might have put up a fight.  At that moment, I was...taken by surprise.  I fled the store.  OK, not so much fled, but it may have been taken as such.  Actually, I was lost in the idea that I could have been using an expired ID for almost a year.  I have been to the liquor store numerous times.  I even had my license copied for a couple jobs.  I had to show it to the state for my background check.  What I am saying is I've had it looked at MANY times.  NOT JUST ME!  Lots of people have seen it.  NO ONE.  NADA!  ZIP!  ZILCH!  NOT ONE PERSON noticed.  I was sure it wasn't due to expire until this year.

Yeah...this is gonna be a good year.    


sweet momma luv u said...

Holy Cow Jim How did you let that one slip by you? That is too bad and no beer on top of it!!

Are u going to be going to the DMV tomorrow? Put on your best smile and gravel so you won't have to take the stupid test again!!

: ) Jody

Cora said...

It probably would have gone on for a couple more years if it had not been for the astute 7-11 employee, you know they go though rigorous training. Thanks goodness for the local store that knows you are way old enough for beer otherwise pizza would just not have been the same.

Grandma L said...

I must be a little slow, but didn't it still show what year you were born in. All she should need is proof of your age or is there more that I don't know about.

Kelly said...

I was with my mom one time at Wal-Mart and the lady wouldn't take Mom's check because her license had expired (this was before electronic drafting of checks). Kinda ridiculous if you ask me - like with the beer thing, she could tell you were old enough to buy it.