Friday, February 19, 2010


The sun has been showing itself lately.
So much so that the Bleeding Hearts, our annual source of happiness, pride, and despair, have been coming out earlier than normal.  They will soon be their normal Giant Selves, but until then, they are actually very pleasing.  By July we will need to tear them out.  

Last week, I drove Cora to work.  I'd have let her drive, but I get out before she does.  So, I have had time to do stuff.  One of those things is take a few pictures.  Here are some bins outside her work.  I just liked the look of all the bins lined up.
I have ALWAYS enjoyed the look of mechanical things.  The straight lines and the metallic hues, all are pleasing to my eye.  Do you agree?  I need a better camera.  I have seen pictures from other peoples' cameras and I am jealous.  Yes, i am envious.  I want a camera just like them.  I used to think Pentax was fine.  then I got a Minolta Vectis and was quite happy with that.  Then I got a Kodak Easyshare...the best thing about that was that you could take more pictures (FILM VERSUS DIGITAL).  Then we got our beloved Canon Elph.  Now I want a Nikon D series...I need to do more research to decide just which one I might also help if I were a thousandaire.  Hmmm, doesn't one need a parent to...ummm, pass on to become an heir?  Bummer.  Maybe I just need to marry into a rich family...crud. too late.

I had a decent week.  I worked at both districts.  I managed to sell several coloring books.  I don't think it is my drawings, I think it may have more to do with the price of the coloring books.  People seem much more willing to part with five dollars than 50!  I don't blame them.  I even had students wanting to buy them...I told them i could not do that, however.  For those who were very decided that they wanted a coloring book, I gave them the site address and told them to have their parents look it over and make sure it was ok with their parents.

We have sold the majority of our first printing.  I did another today, which we will bind this weekend!  I will also be working on other books, now that we know they are going to be a seller.  I hope it continues!



bejewell said...

Congratulations on the coloring book -- it's a great idea and for the best possible cause I can think of.

Laura said...

Hey I have a Nikon D80, its pretty good camera I can't complain. I'm still learning on it though but the pictures are so clear and great I just love it!