Friday, February 12, 2010

Things a-comin'!

I had a pretty good day at work.  The fifth graders were a bunch of turkeys.  There were times I wanted to strangle them.  I threatened and demanded, yet, they were too hopped-up on sugar to shut the heck up.  As usual, I banked on the notion that the day would end.  It did.  It helps that their teacher came back and watched their Musical Program and then decided to stay for the "party," which I assumed would be some sort of bizarre torture for a substitute.  It turned out we became a sort of matched set of co-teachers.  It's a nice thing having another adult in the room.  It turned out well, and despite my misgivings, she wants me back for the next time.  I won't go into how sometimes it feels like your fighting a losing battle, it's when the kids walk out, and even though you had just been after them for inappropriate...ness, they still think you are a good teacher.  It happens more often than I deserve, but it is much appreciated.  Also, many of the teachers I work for seem to like me, too.  Makes a person feel pretty good.

Cora and I have been driving to work together.  Well, I dropped her off and then went on to school.  Anyway, we both went in and got some copies today.  We were treated pretty well at Office Depot.  I think the manager gave us a good deal on things.  You see, we are working on a Coloring's coming together really nicely!  We plan on selling them to raise money for the adoption!  The first one will be an "Under the Sea" theme.

See the picture above.  Think it'll come out ok?


denise said...

Fun idea! It looks great and we'd love to buy one when it's ready.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Great idea.. can't wait to buy some..