Monday, June 1, 2009

June First

I know that last year was nowhere near as warm as this. As I recall, it was downright chilly...and I was REALLY missing California. This year, though, I am quite happy with the temperatures. I like going out in the yard wearing a minimum of clothing at all hours of the day...what can I say, I feel better the fewer clothes I have long as it's warm. When the temperature is 10 degrees Fahrenheit, you are damned sure going to find me with gloves and a coat on, but when it's warm enough, I like to take advantage of my exothermic properties.

Today, I subbed for a fifth grade teacher. His class was remarkably well behaved. His plans called for me to simply be present and breathing. It was a nice change from the norm. The younger the kids the more the work it seems.

Apparently I was the lucky one, since I ran into a fellow sub late in the day and she was looking a bit frazzled. She said she had gotten there and found NO PLANS. I think I had been requested for that one this morning and was somewhat thankful I had taken this job a month ago. I offered her some coloring sheets, but she said she had some Bill Nye videos to show. "Well, then, you've got it covered!" I then hurried back to my sheltered classroom and closed the door.

One of the kids came up to the desk to ask for help on a SUDOKU puzzle he does for an accelerated class he has. I helped him a few times and then realized that perhaps he was just not taking enough time on it. I told him to go back to his seat and work it out for himself. He sniffled. I told him, "Don't cry." He said he had allergies. I said, "No, you're crying. I made you cry." I then told him and the kids near the desk that I make it a point to make at least one kid cry each day. They looked at me unbelieving, then it dawned on them that I was pulling their legs. The kid said, "No, I have allergies." I reiterated, "No, you're definitely crying. HAH! You made my day!" He laughed and went back to his desk, his classmates having a chuckle with him.

I came home early because they spend the last hour in PE, and I finished everything that was necessary. I took some clothes off the line and relaxed waiting for Cora to come home. Now it is a relaxing evening. Of course, the Air Conditioner is STILL it!

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Cora said...

June the first is sure to be known as June the worst, oh wait maybe that should be John, sorry that is the 1st thing that came to my mind when I read your title.