Friday, June 5, 2009

Third Grade Blues

What are the stressers in the lives of third graders? Very similar to our own, ok, maybe not so much. I taught third grade yesterday and will again today. I was amused when one was VERY distraught over his mother's neglect. She forgot to bring his overdue library book from home, and she had the gall to not show up until about 230! Seriously, this little guy would ask, very politely, to call his mom to see if she was coming. All. Day. Long. I got a kick out of it.

Oh, and when they figured out I can draw...well, the uproar was amazing! Actually, they were very well manored. "Shhhhh, let him draw!" "If we don't be quiet, he'll stop drawing!" "He goes so fast! You go so fast Mr. H!" "It looks like he's scribbling, but e's drawing a picture!" All said in hushed voices full of, who am I not to pander to an audience? I enjoyed drawing for them and they enjoyed watching. And the nice part is you don't have to dra particularly good for a third grader to be in awe of you.

It was a most enjoyable class and look forward to teaching them again today. For those of yo who may end up letting me sub for you...I don't give in to the temptation to draw for the kids every day...just once in awhile.

We had grilled chicken, salad, and asparagus last night...all but the salad done on the grill. It got done just as a mighty storm blew up. Well, maybe not so mighty, still, I do love a summer storm...the rain drops were gigantic and the thunder was nice. I like watching the dark clouds rumble down the valley.

Well, lots to do this weekend. I guess I should start it by going to work.


Grandma L said...

I feel sorry for the little boy. It was important to him. How could she just do that.
Let those kids know that they can draw too if they keep trying.
What a great way to entertain them.

Cora said...

Hope you have a great time in 3rd grade again today. I am so happy it is the weekend!! (well almost)