Monday, June 22, 2009

Phone Calls

We have had our share of callers in the past. Once in a rare while they are bill collectors, more often they are people wanting us to buy their services. Lately, one of the tv companies, I can't recall if it is DISH or Charter, has been calling. You answer and there is nothing but silence. You say "Hello!" a few times, and there is nothing on the other end. You hang up. 1/2 hour later it happens again.

I hung on the line for at least 15 seconds before the mechanical digitalized voice said, "______ Television has an important message for Jim..." I hung up. If they want to talk to me, surely they, whoever they may be, will put a human on the phone. I have no intention of buying any extra service from the telvision provider that calls but does not think it is important enough to have a real live caller talk to me. In fact, I will be MORE difficult for them to contact! If I see that number again, I will hang up. That's it.

I remember the time the San Francisco Chronicle called asking if I would like a subscription. I ask the lady if she knew where she was calling. She gave me the startled answer, "uh, no." I said, "do you know what time it is in Minnesota?" (I think I told this story once, if I did, SORRY!) She said, "No." I asked, "How would you like it if I called you at home during dinner?" I believe I said a few other things, but the whole gist of it is the call center people don't know crap. I jst want to voice my frustration at mechanized voices and call centers!

On another note, I would like to hold a moment of silence for our dear friends (make-believe friends) Jon and Kate Gosselin. They began proceedings to disolve their marriage today. I liked the series because it was a window into somone's real life. They seemed to be a real couple, without holding back. They got into arguments and that reminded me of Cora and I. I liked that. Sadly, it seems it has become too real. Divorce can't be an easy decision. I am sad for the kids and I am sad for Jon and Kate. I feel it may have ben that the whole thing that brought their lives closer to us may have been to blame. I hope they know our hearts go out to them in these trying times. So, yeah, I bared my ugly, pasty, TLC self. (Why do you suppose it's called Merlotandtheinternet? Stupid TLC.) I am not ashamed...ok, maybe a little...but that does not make the hardships experienced by these nice people any less difficult.

Sorry to interrupt this moment of revery, but I received a great book today. A book on my favorite airplane!! The F-105 Thundercheif!! I am excited because thre seems to be a dearth of books on the F-105. Some go for as much as $100.00! So, yeah, I am happy about that.

I think I will take Wednesday off, since the boss asked me to work on Thursday and Friday. I gues that's it for now...carry on.


Grandma L said...

I agree about Jon and Kate. It is very sad. Living in a fishbowl with 8 kids would drive anybody over the edge. Jon seems to be the one that went under. I guess the kids don't know yet. It will be so hard on them.

Cora said...

I am so sick of those calls if they can't bother to dial my phone number themselves I am not talking. Not happy, no angry, with Jon and Kate, if it has been falling apart for so long then why did they get remarried? I hope they stop the show. any way enough about that.
Have a good day

Grandma L said...

I had already stopped watching the show until all the scuttlebutt about a divorce.

Edna said...

I hate the phone calls too. We had one a few days ago that just beeped when you answered. They called back about 5 times before Jesse just held on the line and talked to it in a strange voice until they hung up. (still not a human being, but the machine must have thought that it made a connection.) What ever happened to personal calls? I can't stand the machines calling and what is more presumptuous is that I would take a call that puts you on hold to begin with. (Like we have nothing better to do!) I just hang up and figure if someone wants to talk to me, they better call personally. We've also been getting quite a few calls that offer to lower our interest rates. (scams??) OK, that is my rant for the day.