Tuesday, June 2, 2009


There is a local town that has, shall we say, reluctant homeowners. I drive through it on occasion. I need to, to get to the places I have to go.

Today was such a day. I took the camera on the off chance there might be something to photograph. There were, however, no interesting photographic oportunities. I did however take some pictures of these houses. These are on the Reservation.

These sticks are likely used for ceremonial things, a tee pee perhaps...but, isn't that an interesting "stick rest?" AND is that a car door leaning against that shed???

Note this house is behind a fence. Did the gang members jump the fence or are the residents trying a new form of house decoration?

Maybe it isn't so new...or maybe their neighbors thought it was a good idea.

What do you say to your gang-banger son? What was the conversation that went on there?

"Dear, put down the knife! Stop threatening your sister! Here! Here is a can of spray paint, go play behind the house!"

Or perhaps:

"Honey! I bought blue paint to write our gang sign, do you think that's OK? What? Our house is blue? Damn!"

Or maybe:

"What!! BLUE paint? I told you WHITE! That way it matches the trim!"

So, I hope you ponder that. I may go house picturing again in the future if the response is positive.

Today, I did not get a job. I passed up a half-day...I was damned if I'd miss another full day like I did last time...HAH! NO JOBS! Oh, well. I did a few loads of clothes and a load of dishes and some other chores. Then I took Cora's car in to the dealer to have them change the oil and look at the shock absorber. The local tire store said one of them was leakng fluid. The dealership kindly said they were ordering new shocks for it. While I was waiting I decided to test drive a new FJ Cruiser. I made a new best friend. It is amazing how friendly people can be if you show interest in a $26,000 vehicle that they want to sell. Of course, I mentioned that I need to convince my wife. "Oh, yeah! I can help you! Just bring her in and she can drive it. Give me a call before you come and I'll park it up on the rocks and open the doors so it looks cool. Then she'll say, 'what are we driving?' You'll say, 'That one!' Oh, I've done that before. I am here for you."

I enjoyed the short drive. I liked the amount of room in there and the design of the cab is interesting and those triple windshield wipers are cool. Still, it's got pretty bad visibility. He was all, "If you are a Toyota fan, you'll like it, but if you're not, you'll just tear it apart and look for bad things." I was all, "Yeah!" (inside my head I was carrying on a different monologue, which mainly consisted of me NOT BUYING the vehicle. I liked it, but I needed to kill some time and what else do you do on a car lot?) Still, he left me with a smile.

We bought a tiny little frying pan so I could fry eggs or smaller additions to meals. I decided to use it this morning. I made a REALLY FINE omelet. I started by frying a couple pieces of bacon, which I then took the turner to, to make it smaller. While I was using my plastic turner, the nonstick coating scratched. I became annoyed...but not enough to stop cooking my beloved egg. It was delicious! But, I took the pan back.

Still no job for tomorrow...maybe I will have to turn to selling my body to make up for the day or so of lost time. Any takers? Uhhh, NOT you, sir. I have standards. ...HOW MUCH? Well, that's quite a sum of money...


Grandma Blog said...

So that's how they develop their skill for the graffito. Stupid dictionary says that is the way to spell grafitie. Are you not being a little brave,aiming your camera at a house like that? I speed through area's like that. You better wear a bullet proof vest the next time.

Cora said...

I think your a little nuts and next time you should drive the other direction and take pictures of the house where they just throw the garbage out the front door and let the wind spread the love of a dirty diaper through the neighborhood.
Ahhhh the joy of going to work every day.

Cora said...

Hey, Grandma you got one I can borrow I brave that neighborhood daily and the doctor wonders why I don't walk on my lunch.

E said...

Crazy! Last time I went through Wapato was to visit the graves. We went through town cause someone had the bright idea that the library had more of a choice of books! Whatever I was just glad the library was right next to the police station. I was afraid and was demanding everyone lock their doors! I can't believe that I use to run all around town with my little friends from 3-5 grade.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you should write for Ladies Home Journal or Better Homes and Gardens! I am sure they haven't thought of the Gang Look for homes. As for the test ride, your father has never let it stop him from using our family car as a 4-wheel drive rig or as a one-ton pickup. mom