Friday, June 12, 2009

Dogs Days of Summer

Usually, summer here means nifty cloudless days and heat! Today, I stayed home and watched the clouds just to the north of us build to a crescendo. I could see the clouds, cumulus, building and boiling. Then I thought about a clever feature on our camera that allows time lapse photography. I tried it hand held, but that was not perfect. I went to the shed and dug out a tripod...I have a few...never know where they all are at once, but usually I can locate one. -Sorry, I digress. I used the tripod to settle the camera so I could take some time lapse video of the clouds. Here is what I was well past the best of the cloud building activity...but there is always tomorrow!
So, for dinner I marinated some chicken breasts. I had my charcoal ready to go. I began to get the grill going. I had hoped to beat the rain. I did not. So, I was determined to stand by the grill until it was lit. I got out the umbrella, just in case. Sure enough, the inconsistent drops turned more consistent. AND INSISTANT! Soon, While I sat under the tree and an umbrella, Toby came up to me. He had been running around the yard looking up and around as the thunder rolled. The thunder, by the way, was consistent! Costant. -but, I digress again. As the the rain grew more insistant, Toby came up to me and looked at me. He looked at me in such a way as to suggest, without vocalization, that he was lookng for a spot out of the rain, and could he please come up? I suggested to him, vocally, since I can't manage Dog Sign Language(DSL), that he go inside. He looked at me as if to say, "If you are staying out here, SO AM I, DAD!" "Fine," I said, "Come on up!!" He did. Have a look at Cora's blog, she has a video of me and Toby, sitting in the chair under and umbrella in the rain next to the grill.
The rain kept coming down. So, I eventually gave up. Cora turned on the oven...or should I say switched it on... and I cooked the breasts in the oven. They turned out great. Of course, having given up on the charcoal, I walked out expecting to see it soaked, but far from it, it was glowing a beautiful red! Figures. I poured some water on them and went back inside.
This is what I saw when I got there.
Did I mention DOG DAYS?
He must be the cutest Jack Russell ever.
I dropped off my application and resume at a local school today. They had an opening for a social studies position! RARE opportunity!!
I just asked Cora if Opportunity had two "P's" in it. She said, "You down with O. P. P..." And I joined in, "Yeah, I'm down with O.P.P...." and we just confirmed to ourselves that we grew up in the early 1990s! If you graduated around 1990, you will surely know what we are referring to. Cora just googled it, it means Other People's Property! Ha! I never knew that!
Well, I need to relax with the last of my wine! Good night!


Cora said...

oh we are so down with the OPP. it was fun to catch you grilling with our boy.

I am so ready for the weekend!

love ya,

Grandma L said...

Fasinating video of the clouds. I liked it. Good luck on the job app. I think Toby loves his happy home. He sure looks contented.