Thursday, June 11, 2009

Innocuos Adventures Gone Awry!

We all know that I had a close call a few months ago (Read February, apparently I am bad with time, too) when my curiouosity got the better of me. Just before a dinner with a couple I knew in high school I decided to drive up on the hill and see if indeed they were shooting guns at the Firing Center(Duhhh, that's what they do there). I nearly got stuck. I did alot of slipping and sliding around before luck and perseverance got me out of my...problem.

Today was a day off for me. I had the bright idea that I would be able to find a local airplane wreck from WWII. Two wrecks, really. I took my Dad.

One of my sister-in-laws sent me a map of the area in question with a route highlighted for me. I took that route. We got to a point where a bicyclist could have gone, but not my truck. We tried a couple more routes, with identical results.

Finally we drove up to a local Windfarm that lies in the same area. We hoped to drive through their roads to the crash site. No luck. They are adding seven new generators and doing some blasting...which we saw...and so tourists were not being allowed back there.
that's my truck on the right.
So, we found a road toward one of the crash sites that was...shall we say INHOSPITABLE?
SHIT! Someone died here? This grave was four feet from the road! Maybe it was a memorial, but it did not give the driver (or the pasenger) the warm fuzzies.
Prickly situation? Yes, this was just off the most imposing hill I climbed with that truck...using, among other things, my chains!
Above you see the imposing hill I had to climb with my doesn't look like much, but a two wheel drive does not like 35 degree roads with LOOSE rocks! The roads we travelled today were better meant for Elk!
We saw this herd. Our passage eventually scared up 13 or 14 head of elk, plus a calf.
Here is my dad begging for passage through the windfarm after our extensive trek. Neither he, nor I, was feeling up to a ten mile drive back out the way we had come. Plus, there is no guarantee we would have made it out. Especially since I discovered my rear tires were shredded from an ascent we felt was a necessity. The steel belt was showing!
This is the view from our ingress...
Here is my truck on Windfarm land...

Here is my dad...with his GPS, may it rest in peace...he lost it...we don'tknow where.


Cora said...

I can't believe you are sharing with the world the extent of your poor judgement. Maybe you should ask Mr. Jones about that GPS.

Grandma L said...

The anguished look on your Dad's face sort of tells the whole story in summary form.