Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Movie

We went to a movie today. We went and saw UP! It's a pretty good little movie. Not exactly what I expected, but good! After that we had some ice cream at a Cold Stone.

We hung around today. Cora did alot of work and I didn't do much. I should feel more guilty, but I think I may have a relaxed sense of guilt. Surprisingly I am completely OK about that.

So, a fourth celebrity has passed in a week. I will not say who, since my last post about him incured some rather foul language, but suffice it to say he was a big fan of Oxi-Clean. You'd think I had had a hand in the slaying of the Masiah! Jeez, some people are so cranky! He was just a person who yelled loudly out of my TV. I am sorry he is gone, but I'm not sorry about the wasn't that bad of a post. I have seen worse posts and articles about this same guy! Oh, well!

Well, my goal for this week is to make a painting...Seems the summer keeps dragging me away from my plans. You know, it has been 90 days since we had BB referred to us? Well, we will continue to hope for a speedy union! I can't wiat to meet him in person...of course, he'll probbly ask for the car keys as soon as we get home...ok, maybe it won't take THAT long, but sometimes 90 days is forever...and 26 months is longer than that.

I'll tell you movie about the movie UP-what? SQUIRREL!!


Cora said...

thanks for the date, you are my main man! It was fun we need to think of us more often!
Oh and I am quite sure your dis-like for a certain infomercial man had nothing to do with his unfortunate death, people are stupid.

Grandma L said...

Maybe this will be the week you will hear the glad news. What in the world do thay need to do that is taking so much time?
That is rather shocking about all the celebs passing on. I have seen more entertaining clips about Michael Jackson than I ever saw in my life. He was very good at what he did. Isn't it funny how parallel his life and Elvis was.

E said...

I couldn't stand the guy myself and I wasn't suggesting you had anything to do with his passing. I just thought it was a little weird. I wrote once in English class in our "journal" that someone should off the president and the teacher said it was harsh. Now I would be pulled out of school and sent to jail! Not that one has anything to do with the other.. So anyway....... Mr. Orange Glow is #4 so now 2 more celeb deaths are on the horizon.

Grandma L said...

Gale Storm just passed, but it was not a shock because she was old and in poor health.