Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grad Pics! Circa 1992, Memories of a Great Friend.

My best friend's sister posted these on Facebook. I pirated them and am sharing them here. My best friend (left hand side) and me (right hand side) and a fellow grad (Guy Becker). Jim passed away in 1997. On June 2, to be precise, in the early morning hours. His sister-in-law called at 3:38am to tell me news. I was dumbfounded. We were two of a kind. They used to call us "Jim Squared." We were always together. On Facebook, I found I am still to be associated with Jim as a Star Trek expert...I don't mind. Makes me miss him that much more.

He had a great sense of humor. It never stopped. Here we are with the illustrious "Daddy G," our World Problems teacher and Senior Advisor. His son, a grade ahead, last time I heard, was doing the news at a Spokane television station.

Lower left, you see me, at my most handsome (my opinion), and my best friend is in the lower right is Jim. The girls at the top were close friends and a sister. What are we sitting at? 17 years since 1992? WOW!!

We had another five years with Jim after Graduation...almost exactly. We were housemates when we attended CWU. He was pursuing a teaching certificate in mathematics. He would have been an excellent teacher. He explained things to me that made better sense than what others did. Hell, I still remember his description of how soap works.

After we moved out, we still got together. More often we called. Whenever I watch the movie "Clerks" I think of him. He often shared his stories of stupid customers coming into the gas station he worked at. His take on life was often hilarous and sometimes just a shade weird.

I used to call him up on Sunday mornings when I worked early. I did it just to wake him up. He didn't seem to mind. He was the best friend a man could have asked for, but I was a boy and I never deserved such a great friend. I miss him. I am lucky.


Cora said...

sometimes you don't realize what you have until it is gone.

I hope I always remember this and appreciate those I love
I love you

E said...

I thought you were the Jim Twins. That is what we called you guys. :) I just keep thinking if only said this, or if I only did that. I use to call Jen from my bedroom early in the morning just to ask her if she was up yet?... If she said no then I would tell her to get her ass out of bed and go make me pancakes! lol.. It was sooo funny.

Anonymous said...

We are the sum of all who we know, love, hate or come in contact with. You are a better man because of that friendship. Jim did his job and got a promotion. Why am I still here? My job isn't done yet. One day we are busy with our lives and the next we get to move on. Your dad and I still miss your friend and our other son. love ya mom