Friday, June 5, 2009


Ok, first off, I had a good day at school, apart from the headache and nausea I got during the morning. I took a few minutes to vomit at about 11AM and felt much better. I don't know if it was a big or what. Yuck.

The rest of th day was great. The last half-hour she let me decide what to do. I took a poll. The kids could play some games or watch me draw on the overhead. They voted for me to draw...weird. I did not mind, since before that there had been numerous kids crowded around me trying to get a peek at what I was drawing. They were a good bunch of kids and I enjoyed being there. It is always amazing to me how well behaved a group of kids become when they are watching me draw.

So, I got home about 310pm and laid down for a little while to get rid of my headache. Finally I began to feel better. I ended up mowing the lawn and Cora made dinner. Just as I was finishing the lawn I began to get the feeling that I was getting drops of water on me. The sky was beginning to look a little dark. When I put the mower away I heard thunder. As I walked in the house it began to rain...hard.

Here are some pictures! It also hailed! Wow, what weather we had!!
Look at the size of those splashes! It came down in BUCKETS!

Toby had no issues running out into the rain, but he showed definite reluctance to enter a hail storm! Here he is looking on as the hail smashes around him. The hail was the size of marbles. Some of them exploded on impact!

Cora wanted something a little fruity. I managed to make a decent daiquiri from some strawberries we had...I even made it look pretty.

Now, the weekend beckons with loads of work! Cora's parents are going to need some help moving some stuff and we have plenty of stuff to do here at home, too! I can't wait to get out of town for a little while...even if it is just to go for a drive!


Edna said...

sounds like you had what Linda had yesterday and Cora had today. (I had it last Saturday...minus the vomiting, that is...I will do anything not to.)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

HOLY COW..that is some rain..
Sorry to hear you were sick this morning.
Are you having morning sickness????
Have a great weekend..

Cora said...

Well this Cora had it last night but I am with Edna I will do just about anything to avoid the dreaded...well you know.
That rain was something and it was still about 80 degrees out side. I think we are ready for Burundi weather.