Friday, June 26, 2009

The Day The King Died

I worked hard yesterday. I was told early this week that my four tens would need to be satiated somewhere other than Friday this week(I wanted to take Friday off). We are moving the district office...that is they are having the carpets and walls redone and we, in the maintenance dept., need to keep things moving. We are picking up furniture and moving wall hangings ahead of the people doing the easy part. It wold not be so bad, but they have, literally, tons of fireproof file cabinets.

Fireproof file cabinets are probably the worst thing man has ever invented...unless what you need from an arson fire is stored in a fireproof file cabinet, then, I suppose, you would think they are pretty nifty. On the other hand, though, if you have had the pleasure of moving the damned things twice in the past three years (and the likelihood it they will need to be moved one more time), it seems unlikely you will find them very nifty at all. Suffice it to say fireproof file cabinets are HEAVY!

A large proportion of the team was there. A few schools' custodians were notably absent. I am sure they had good reasons. You know: sniffles, case of Iduwannas, or laziness. Still, we got a lot done.

I am just glad Friday is upon us! I have plenty to do. I need to clean out the craft room so Cora can Sew in there. Our problem seems to be somewhere in the realm of organization and places to organize our things into. This stupid house did not come equipped with enough closets. Nor a garage...damn it.

Well, it seems Farrah Faucet passed away yesterday. Earlier this week, Ed Mcmahan (If I flubbed the spelling it's not because I lack the knowledge of figuring out how to spell it, it speaks of lack of interest, sorry Ed). Yesterday afternoon, as though to take the heat off Farra, they announced Michael Jackson was dead. Yep, he sure is. Oh, ell. I am not entirely bothered by the "loss." Sure he made some good songs and some good videos, but shouldn't one take into account ALL the things the person did in their lifetime? I think the guy was some sort of sicko loon. Still, many seem to sincerely mourn his loss.

Our bird feeders seem to be becoming pretty popular with the birds in the neighborhood. I was sitting in the yard the otherday and a housefinch and his mate came up and started eating out of the little finch sock we put up Saturday. They were within ten feet of me...pretty cool. He was a bright yellow with black trim. I hope we take a little time to enjoy such things this weekend.

For the rest of you, have a good week!


Cora said...

so happy it is Friday!!

Grandma L said...

It sounds like those file cabinets would make good anchors as well.
As to Michael J. He was after my time and I never appreciated his talent. Sorry he died, but that's what happens when you throw your life down the tube. Drugs will do it everytime.