Sunday, June 28, 2009


Friday turned out to be a cluster at work. A cluster of cuss words. A cluster of idiots. You name it. It seemed that nothing was going right from the very beginning. No one knew what was going where and only half the schools custodians showed up to help...seems the others simply ignored the boss' instructions. When asked, one of them said, "I didn't see that e-mail." You idiot! That is what the boss said at the know, that thing you ate 12 donuts at! Still, we made enough progress that the carpet layers and the painter should be fine.

Friday night we had steak for dinner with baby red potatoes and grilled zucchini and yellow squash. it was excellent! I used the grill and plenty of smoke...if you like zukes and Yellow squash, try grilling them with a little olive oil, Johnny's seasoning salt and some hickory smoke...WOW!

Yesterday morning we began the day by working on the back bedroom. It has been our craft room over the years. We both have attempted and abandoned a few crafts. The main one is scrap booking. While we do a decent job of it, neither of us has enough time to make use of all the doo-hickeys we have. I think we are going to have to find someone who wants scrapbooking stuff! or sell it on Craigs List! Cora worked very hard to sort things out and while there was not a LOT of hevy lifting, we both had sore backs by the end of it.

The whole point is to make that room capable of supporting her sewing activities. I will retain my paint and a few other my 1/2400 scale model ships and the ability to return to it in a minimum of time. Fortunately things like that run small, so it doesn't take up the amount of space that a 1/48 scale model set up would. I used to have 1/48 scale models. I switched to 1/2400 when I got older. Of course, a model of the USS Missouri sits at 4.5 inches long in 1/2400, while it is more than 17 feet long in 1/48 scale. I think that is a significant difference no matter who you are.

We made a run to town for a few boxes. We spent an inordinate amount of money on cardboard boxes. One of which split when it was loaded. It wasn't even heavy! I was most displeased. I doubt there is anything to be done about it, but it nevertheless makes me upset that a 3$ box did not live up to its end of the bargain!

I bought some Bratwursts at Costco the other day. I put them on the grill after I had grilled the Zukes and Squash and the red potatoes, and the asparagus...I think we had a VERY good dinner! I liked it.

The weather cooperated pretty well, too. There was not the attrocious amount of wind we had a few nights ago. I don't know how warm it got yesterday since most of our day was spent putting things in boxes and rearranging the room.

Today...well, I know Cora wants to get some sewing done, but I think we might go hit a movie later, too. I think we deserve some time to relax!


E said...

So I just read that your favorite tv infomercial died. Billy Maes! Didn't you write that you wanted him to die? I have to go and find that post! Weeeeeiiiirrrrdddd.

Grandma L said...

Haw ha ha ha teehee that is so funny.