Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Blues

This morning dawned early. Earlier than I wished. I still have this fracking cold. I used some Afrin the other day and my morning symtoms vanished, but more than three days may cause you to become addicted, physically (Trust me, I don't think it is psychologically fun to do). Still, it clears your sinuses REALLY well! I like that. Still, yesterday I needed to stop taking it. So I did. This morning I woke up with a case of the "Horrible Boogers From Outer Space" and shed more than my fair share of nasty boogery about 7AM! I hate 7AM! It was Sun-fricking-day, why in the name of all that is sleepy did I HAVE to wake up before 8???? On A SUNDAY!?! Argh! I hate early Sundays!

Then Cora awoke...about two hours later. I spent the intervening time sitting outside in a lawn chair, reading. I had coffee, a comfortable chair, and a good book. I have been re-reading "When Thunder Rolled." It's a good book about F-105 pilots during the Vietnam War. It was a warm morning. The thermometer said 75...I was more than happy to sit outside and read. The hot coffee helped. I also made sure that my feet were in the sunlightg longest, my socks made a white cutoff on my feet. So, I was tryng to remedy that situation. Then Cora got up. I made her coffee and then went back out for awhile. All-in-all, it wasn't a bad way to start a day.

It was sometime after 930 when my mother-in-law called to ask for help movng some furniture out of her Dad's place. Cora and I left and spent a few hours helping out. It was a good day. We were done by about 2pm and I came home. Then, after a short rest, I put together a shelf we had bought yestreday. Here is the picture.
Here are the Squash we planted a few weeks ago. Look how they have grown!

I went out to take a picture when I noticed Toby digging in the garden, but being extremely careful not to touch the electric fence, which happens NOT to be on, still, it's cute.

I barbequed a steak and some squash and zucchini again. I can't show pictures because it is all gone, we ate it.
I also found yet another of the house' residents in the back yard...

I will be teachng fifth grade tomrrow. Late start. Maybe I will sit outside agan...


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like a pretty good day..
Love the photo of Toby trying to dig.. that is tooo cute..
Have a great day tomorrow..

Grandma Blog said...

Sully is so elegant looking with that black tail and matching hat.
Toby is not taking any chances.

Cora said...

Bummer Sunday did not last forever. I think we worked to hard this weekend my legs are killing me.
Toby is too cute and it looks Like you got Sully to pose.