Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Winding Down

Ah, the school year is winding down. I have been enjoying it, though the kids seem to be getting ever more wild and eager to get out of control. I had a pretty good day yesterday, my class was a good one! Still, you could see they wanted to do other things. Can't say as I blamed them much, I wanted to go outside, too.

It was when I was heading out for the day that I got the biggest compliment. A couple kids from the HS saw me in the hall as I was leaving. They asked me why I had not subbed for their teacher today. I said I was already taken and could not help it. They still protested that I should be subbing for them.

Well, the weather looks like it will be another good day! Ah Spring!! I can't wait to enjoy it tonight!!


Grandma Blog said...

You'll soon be on summer vacation. Summer time in the valley is a beautiful time.

Cora said...

It is nice but much cooler than the last couple of days. Hope you got a good class again today.

E said...

The only sub I ever wanted was that one who let us goof off the whole hour and allowed me to turn around and hit you.. :)