Friday, May 8, 2009

Tanks For The Request!!

I got a comment this morning requesting requesting some photos of our tanks. Never one to shirk my duty, I stepped up to the task and took a few pictures. Here they are! Above is a female Maroon Clown, whose name is Marvin, that is in my 30 gallon tank.
This is a Zooanthid polyp. they seem happy in Cora's tank.
This is an overall photo of Cora's 16 gallon tank.
Here is one with the skunk clown in it.
and this little guy is Cora's Cardinal fish...she is photo-shy.

Today was a fun day. I played Peter and the Wolf for the music class I subbed for. It was not bad. I did fight the nods for about a half hour during the one o'clock hour. It was quite a struggle to keep my eyes open. I was watching Peter and the Wolf for the umpteenth time, I was comfortable and it was dark. Other than that, it was a great day.

After I got off work I came home and miled my painting...somewhere in Florida. I am more than ready for the weekend, though!

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Kelly Lockwood said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks for posting them.