Saturday, May 9, 2009


Who in the world does not love a Sturday!?! I do!

OK, so I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I might have been a LITTLE BIT grumpy this morning, though, I am positive Cora did not even notice. I don't even know why I was grumpy, though waking up about 5am on a Saturday might have had something to do with it.

We went to town...well, first we went to see if we could find a dresser for the kids' room at some yard sales. Remarkably, neither of us was in the true yard saling spirit. We ESPECIALLY were not when we visited the local vocational college; which was holding some sort of HUGE yard sale where people bought a spot to display their junk. We went through the whole riggamarole of locating a parking spot and walked a quarter of a mile to discover they were charging three bucks a head just to get in and look at peoples' junk! That would have cost us six bucks to go in and look at...pardon my Portugese(French seems so overused)...other peoples' shit, that we probably would not have even bought! That combined with our moods had us walking back to the truck in about two seconds.

We ended up buying a new pine dresser. It is very well built by a local craftsman. We plan on staining it (By WE I mean Cora) and perhaps adding a bit of a jungle touch to it (the jungle touch will come from me, since I am SO primal [which means I eat with my hands]).

I worked in the yard and cleaned off the patio...which is really just a concrete slab and is worthless to us, since we don't park any vehicles on it and it's too hot in the summer to use for... ANYTHING. Cora wants to either stain the dresser out there or in the kid's room. We shall see what transpires tomorrow.

Tonight we will travel the thirty miles down to my parents' house and celebrate an early Mother's Day.

Other than that, I have not done a whole lot of anything...


Cora said...

No I did not even notice that you were in a disgusting terrible horrible no good very bad day mood! Nope not a bit. Next time we head out that early I am getting you breakfast first.
But is has been a pretty good day, if a bit unproductive!
Love Ya.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like you got what you went out to look for..
A dresser..
Have a great day...