Monday, May 4, 2009

What Day Is Today, Again?

So, what day is this? I taught second graders today. I thought I would be teaching them tomorrow for some reason...good thing the secretary called me about the time the students were coming in. It took me only ten minutes to drop everything and show up at the school.

I could not understand why not one job had come up for today. I was up late last night watching the computer and again this morning at 5AM. Still, nothing. I resigned myself to staying home and doin some of the house work and chores that did not get done this weekend. I was doing exceptional!! I had a load of clothes in the wash, a load of dishes on their way into the dishwasher, I'd picked up the mail, folded clothes, and taken out the garbage. I was just finishing the dishes when the secretary called. She asked me if i was working today, I said no. She said she had me down...then I realized I had mixed up the days!! ARGH!!! I told her I would be right there!

I wore shorts to school for the first time ever, today. I did not take the time to change, nor did I grab my bag, nor a lunch... I felt that it was my screw up, I should pay for it. As it was they welcomed me with open arms and understanding expressions. It was the first time I have ever done that: forgotten about a job. I actualy thought I had it for Tuesday. I doubt I'll ever do that again.

I finished a painting tonight, but I am not sure I am happy about it, yet.

This weekend I managed to plant tomatoes, zuchinis, cucumbers and squash. I also planted the flowers and some herbs. The rain today probably helped the vegatables nicely. Cora worked on dresses. We also got to see Cora's Grandma. I took her some of my famous potato salad (let's just say BACON and leave it at that).

I still don't have job for tomorrow. I am sure this time!


Cora said...

Well I hope the same thing doe not happen today but if you are off there is plenty to do around here.

Love you.

Grandma Blog said...

Your painting is probably perfect.
We are our own worst critics. I think I heard somebody say that once. If not, I am saying it now.