Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Has Arrived, Let's Get It Over With!

Ah, I can see it coming in the air today. Friday. I get to sub at the El today. This is Teacher Appreciation Week, so I am getting a few of the benfits. It was Soup at the "Evil I" this week. Who knows what the wonderful teachers will have at the El today! Either way, though, Fridays are always a pleasure at the El (food always makes the day go better!).

I got a few more aircraft accident reports that are post-1955. One is for a B-52 that went down near Yuba City. Yuba City is the sister city of Marysville, which is where we lived for two years...I wish I had known of it at the time...but my wreckchasing abilities are still young and I doubt I would have been able to locate it then, let alone now. I will likely be getting a few more reports up this coming week on my airplane site. I am amazed at the number of hits I keep getting since a slow start last Spring. I have slowly added more and more content to it. I am also geting an idea of what is working and what is not. I have gotten lots of compliments on my airplane site...but what are they gonna say? Nah, that site sucks! Still, it seems to be a place of interest for people. I hope my three readers will tell nyone hey know about it who might be interested.

Well, I have a painting to ship today. I will have it packaged up and ready to go this afternoon...after work. Post office doesn't open until I am gone to work.

I lost my sea urchin this week...I have no idea why, but he died. All my water parameters appear to be in the norm and actually healthy...good thing I removed him from the tank, as his death made the water in the hospital container a nasty hazy brown...I am not impressed with dead sea urchins...they don't smell very good either, if anyone is interested. Cora's Coral Tank is alive and well and looking good! The two fish we put in a few weeks ago seem to be getting on well and, apart from the skunk clown apparently not being particularly brilliant, prospering.

The sun is out and I am looking forward to a wonderful spring day! I hope everyone else enjoys a similar day.


Cora said...

Woo Hoo it is FRIDAY! Sorry about the eurchin I don't know what is going on in your tank, I wish we could get something in there to eat the algae.

Kelly Lockwood said...

Do you two have pictures of your tanks? I'd love to see them!