Monday, May 11, 2009

Dibs on the Dibs

Sometimes you get that sweet tooth, you know? I have had a severe one lately. Usually, I can take or leave candy. More often I find leaving it to be the easiest thing. For the last week or so, though, I have been craving all things sweet. Last week was teacher appreciation week and they had laid out some mini-candy bars on the tables in the teachers' lounge. Normally I might have taken one. Last week, I must have had seven or eight before I pulled myself away from the table and then fought the urge to pocket several more.

We HAD a package of Oreos...I may or may not have been responsible for its sudden and somewhat violent passage from this life. It was all crumbs and milk, it wasn't a pretty sight.

There was Easter candy...a particularly large bag of chocolate eggs...that, too, is no more.

Tonight, Dibs. Dibs are those little chocolate covered drops of ice cream. Cora asked for a snack, my mind, in its current state, went strait to Dibs...weird, huh?

Oh, I re-began a painting tonight. I'd begun it last week, but had the wrong color, so we went in and got a better color this weekend. I think it will work if I can only decide how to orient it...

The rest of the week will be music for me!! At the El. I am pleased to have such a a full week lined up! No waiting next to the computer every night!! Plus the teachers are always so nice there!


Peta-maree said...

Now Craving for things is usually associated to Pregnancy and seeing that you are waiting for finalisation on BB you could say that it is associated to this.

Cora said...

Love Dibs! I think they are a required item on any shopping list.