Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May First!

So Wednesday I spent the day working on the hot water heater. To say that it was a bitch would be an understatement and serve no purpose but to make me hate hot water heaters more. I spent thee hours on my knees in a semi-fetal postion removing water from the tank by hand. Which was often intermixed with moments of tension when the plasticbag I was using to stem the flow of water from the hole the element had occupied came free just a little and the flow of water mimiced something a submariner would wish to avoid. The drain faucet let only a small trickle out of the hose I had run through the house and outside, so I had grown tired of waiting and decided to tempt fate by removing the element at the bottom of the tank and taking water from that stupid. Of course, once I had removed the element it was impossible to replace it with all the water coming out in a one inch wide stream.

In fact, maybe I should not have read so many submarine books. And all those submarine movies? Yeah, nix on those too. I was even sweating. Granted, there were no depth charges raining down on me, but I thought I heard sonar! I finally got it empty and changed the element. I just wish I had had some of their damage control items...something better than a plastic bag to stick in the hole.

Still, I survived! and now we can wash clothes and take hot showers!! Now that we have hot water back, we are aware of our previous element's slow slide into hell. I thought I remembered hot baths turning me pink...but recently they had not done that. Nw...well, it's back to hot baths again!!

Yesterday, the weather great and I mowed the lawn. Today the weather looks spectaculr! I get to be a PE teacher today at the intermediate! I am excited.

This weekend promises to be another work weekend. Still, we may make some time for fun.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Have a great weekend..
Tell Cora hello...

Cora said...

I said it first!
Have a great day

Grandma Blog said...

I must say, you do have a way with words. I don't mean to make light of your plight, but I couldn't keep from laughing. I hope things get better and the hot water disaster is behind you for good.