Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bits and Pieces

The sky out the front door at about 9:00 last night. I liked the contrasting clouds and the colors of the sunset. About the time I clicked the last photo a couple students from the HS walked by...I closed the door as their voices followed me in. I suspect some of their comments involved my being shirtless. I am glad the end of the year is nigh.

Below you see dinner from last night. Here is Grilled Chicken with fresh home-grown basil and grilled zucchini and yellow squash. They were delicious, though the taste and smell coming from the photo does nothing to relay the sensation that appealed to all my senses last night.

Today, we went to town and bought some organizational stuff for the laundry room. We travelled from Lowes to the aweful HD, looking for a cabinet that would fit where we wanted it and did not cost $1,000,000.00. We found one, finally. So, we got a cabinet and some wire frame shelves. Then, after grabbing a bunch of groceries...well, not a bunch, but if you go to Costco and DON'T spend $100.00 you are made of firmer stuff than I.

We finally have something other than a nail to hang leashes on...and checkout that laundry soap!

The plan is to keep the laundry room neat and tidy...something we were not capable of doing before. Keep your fingers crossed.

I moved the freezer in with a minimum of fuss...I was very happy.

Then I did my yearly flower photos...what do ya think?

At Target, Cora rewarded my hard work. She allowed me to buy a remote control helicopter...this darned thing is NOT easy to fly. I have yet to figure out how to set the trim...supposedly once it is set, it is isn't.

Tonight I made, I am not some genius cook, it was aready put together, all I had to do was put it in the oven and warm up some corn. Turned out pretty good.
So, it's been a good day...if somewhat tiring. I have a sore back...oh yeah, I did a bunch of other stuff, like mow lawn and stuff, too boot. I am now reclining and trying to relax. Time for another drink...


Cora said...

So far it has been a good weekend, with good food. I just wish it was longer.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like you have been doing some great things around the house..
I don't think there is ever enough time to finish all the projects.. when you are done with one you think of another...
Have a great Sunday..

Grandma Blog said...

You and Cora should get your own reality show.

Anonymous said...

The colors of the flowers are just something. The copper looks fun. And what time is dinner? mom

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

FABULOUS PHOTOS! The food looks so YUMMY!