Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Day Sweet Cheeks!

You gotta love this girl!  No worse for wear after her first day at day care!  She smiles and smiles and smiles.

and she is beautiful!
I made dinner while Cora took care of some business with the!  My wife is awesome!  Even after a long day at work, she came home and grabbed up that little girl and made sure she had everything she needed!  My wife is awesome!
I made spaghetti.  I added peppers and mushrooms.  And, to those of you who know me, I even ate the mushrooms.  These are baby portebellos and they actually don't taste horrible, and I have not died.  (I know!  I was surprised, too!)
And here is the final shot.  Chloe is blowing kisses.  It looks like she may be straining for other reasons, but I assure you she is actually having fun!

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Anonymous said...

I bet that spaghetti was good,have you got the little one to eat spaghetti yet? she looks really happy even if she had to go to day care and Mama looks good also. You guys make an awesome family.