Sunday, March 27, 2011

Slow Sunday, Week to Come...

We are still recovering from colds around here...I think we are all ready to bid the cold virus goodbye.  In fact, seeing it to the door politely is unlikely, but throwing it out on the street on its hind quarters would probably have us all smiling.  As a result of Cold Virus love, we took it fairly easy today.

I have much to look forward to this week, though.  I will be the full time caretaker of The Girl.  I am mildly curious as to how that will play out.  Cora has filled my head with nap-times, feeding schedules, and any number of grooming, dressing, and general care tips.  I'm pretty sure most of that information slipped out the same way it came in.  I'm not afraid.  We, the two of us, have made it together for a day at a time before.  It's just a general dread in the back of my head.  I don't know that I have the same Maternal instincts that Cora has.  Chloe and I have a good relationship, but it is more of one between playtime friends...

We will get along fine, but I am worried about what she likes to watch on TV.  I know what I like to watch during the day.  I am generally fond of the History Channel, but in deference to my daughter, we may watch the Discovery Channel.  I don't know if I will lower my standards to Nick Jr. or anything like that.  Who knows, Chloe may have a taste that takes in "Great Tank Battles" or "Great Planes."  If all else fails, I know I can put "Tora, Tora, Tora" in and we will likely have a very nice afternoon!

Speaking of military aircraft...(what's that?  Yes, I was.  Have a watch of Tora, Tora, Tora and tell me what you see), I noted a Lockheed P-3 Orion flying over today.  Was I ever happy to see it...however, just as with the Growler of a week or so ago, I was caught only semi-prepared.  I got a picture of it going instead of coming.  Alas, that should be fixed this week.  Since I will be home all week, I expect to clear a path between my camera and the outside door with a site on taking portraits of our overhead visitors.

Hopefully the US Navy will provide Camera fodder a couple times this week.  Of course, standing on the runway centerline would be more my idea of the perfect shot, the FAA seems to have different ideas and the closest I could come would be the museum...drat.  So, backyard fuselage shots is likely all I will have.

Mind you, I will have to fit all my shenanigans into the napping schedule.  No more running off to the top of the hill just because I hear the big guns in action...I have to plan ahead now.  Oh, what has happened to my freedom?  Ah, well.  This will of course call for more visits to air museums.  You have to ignite the fire of curiosity early, after all.

We had our dinner, which was a nice soup mix that we got for Christmas.  It was really good.  I don't usually go for that kind of soup, but today, it hit the spot.  Chloe had her dinner and then we got her ready for bed.  Cora read her some stories and I made the requisite changes in lighting, sound, and stage.  I also gave Chloe a kiss on the cheek before she went to bed.

 She really gets engrossed in her books.  She is particularly fond of this "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb."
 Dum, Ditty, Dum, Ditty, Dum!

Cora has been listening to Pandora on her new phone.  It is an online radio.  I decided to try it out tonight. know?!  It's pretty cool.  You type in a song you like and it attempts to match other songs to it.  So when I typed in Mumford & Sons, it gave me a bunch of songs with similar characteristics to that band.  When I typed in Paint It Black, by the Stones, it let me listen to that and then it brought up Hotel California.  Maybe not as similar as I would have expected, but still a song I love and identify with.

As the hour grows later, that tickle in my throat is trying to scratch itself a place in my neck.  It wants to keep me up.  Cora is exhausted as it is, she is fighting this cough and cold with every last ounce of her being.  I hope NOT to follow her example, but the Cold Virus is a heinous foe.

Let's hope the Cold Virus goes hiking soon!

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jade said...

Send it away with the fighting aircraft! Just wanted to ask you not to look for maternal instincts, a child needs only one mother, a father is a nice change and useful to have too! You'll do great, even if a little different! Am all set to read all about your adventures, just hope the virus doesn't come and spoil it all... Hug for The Girl!