Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Blue Skies Smiling At Me

My sweet Chloe looks great with a blue background!

I taught fourth graders today.  I introduced myself and said, "Sometimes kids have trouble remembering my name.  You can also call me Mr. H.  You can call me Mr. Awesome.  You can call me 'Oh Great One,' but if you call me Oh, Great One, please do this when you say it!"  And I mime bowing and kow-towing.  They laughed, and asked if kids REALLY call me Mr. Awesome.  I said, "yeah, they do." 

I took role and we did the pledge of allegiance and then they launched into "Anchors Aweigh," explaining that they sing the Air Force song, too, because their teacher's kids are in the Navy and the Air Force.   So, following the plan, I immediately sent them off to P.E.  When I got them back I gave them a math test.  There were two drawings on the board.  One of a submarine and one of an airplane.  They liked them.

I made them read and do some dittoes.  I promised to show them some of my drawings if they were good.  

They went to lunch and recess and came back and went straight to reading silently.  I got to a point where the teacher apparently thought a thirty minute reading would take them over an hour.  They got restless, so I showed them my coloring books and some of my drawings.  They were amazed.  So, I took requests and drew things right on the document camera where they could watch.  I gave them all a coloring page, which they thought was cool.  At the end of the day I have numerous kids come up and say to me in a hushed voice, "You really ARE awesome!"  

I love fourth graders.

You should see my daughter, though, if you want to see someone who is awesome!

 She IS awesome!
 And it's great to be a family.
Happy Wednesday ALL!


Lorrene said...

You are all awesome. O little one is especially awesome.
She looks so cute walking. She no longer has to be a speed crawler.

SpunkyBookworm said...

Seeing you guys so happy is awesome!! You are a great teacher, and you both are great parents too! I love seeing her walk!