Thursday, March 24, 2011


 The seasons are changing...slowly.  Of course, season changes here happen slowly.  Still, our Daffodils seem to have their calendars set just right.

Chloe continues to make leaps and bounds.  She has not been taking bottles as well as she was, but she DOES seem to like this new straw thingie...
 And she wasn't complaining when I fed her this afternoon...shortly after nap time.  She ate toast (buttered) and yogurt.
 I think her after-nap hair is cute!
When Cora comes home, we are standing (Chloe is) in the window (on the sill).  Chloe gets so excited that she bangs on the window.  Cora smiles when she hears the banging and sees the Chloe in the window.

I get to teach high school tomorrow.  Should be a nice day.  Not often that I teach high school biology these days!  The high schoolers should offer a sweet refrain to the kinders I taught today!

The weather has been interestingly springy of late.  Clouds coming and going, rain, sun, rain, clouds, etc., etc.

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