Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bars and Doors and Walls

Somehow, finding beauty, or at the very least patterns in the house is very easy since we got Chloe.  You can often see the pattern of destruction left in her wake, or the pattern of obstructions intended to keep her from going to other parts of the house...for instance the gate and doors in the hallway are a pattern.  The doors never used to stay shut, but for everyone, it's better this way.

Sunday finds us in the warm hands of Mr. Coffee.  Thank goodness he is always there for us.  Now, to decide on breakfast...bacon or fruit?  Or perhaps some sort of in-between?  Bacon AND fruit?  Hmmm...that's a tough one.

Yesterday, Cora's sisters threw a shower for Cora and Chloe.  One of the many gifts was a play yard, a complex of folding walls.  I fell in love.  We immediately set it up and when Chloe awoke from her nap she was vexed by this insidious thing that her parents had created to prevent her from approaching the dog door or the bi-fold door which surely could be the ruin of a small child's fingers!  Here you can see her contemplating the devious contraption.  She is not amused.

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jade said...

Now let me ask: how is she to occupy her parents all day long, when you are confining her "creative" space ? Guess you didn't think of that when setting up the yard... Well, I really hope it works for you, but I would still not feel safe with my daughter: she has a way of finding means to get what she intends to whenever she has decided upon it - a "fence" would only make it more hazardous, but she would not mind that, not she! Curious to read and see more of it,
Regards, Jade