Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Early Birthday Present

The best birthday present ever!  But, first, I need to tell you about the rest of the day.
 Again I spent the day with my lovely daughter.  She was awesome and took two short naps.  She was much easier to deal with today.  I don't know if it was because I learned not to expect more out of her or whether she was just in better spirits, either way, we had a good day.  I worked on cleaning the house.  But that did not keep me from having several breaks where I just held her for several minutes.

I do love me some daughter loves.  She was so sweet before and after each nap.  I would hold her and she just laid her head on my chest and let me rock her.  If that doesn't melt your heart, well, I just don't think a nuclear powered blast furnace would do the trick, either.  She was super cute today, too.  Her mother decided NOT to leave it up to Dad to dress her (phwew!).

Although, the bottoms of that particular outfit seem cursed, since they only lasted until the second poopy diaper.  I'm just guessing, but, Daddy might not pay as strict attention to diaper alignment when the daughter is attempting to emulate a dramatically dying snake.  So, we changed to jeans.

Later in the day, I was taking a breather from sweeping and mopping, when I saw the daughter doing something and giggling.  I investigated.  She was leaning on her head and then holding both arms out wide.  She did it for over five minutes; I even got video.  This photo will have to do, though.  I don't know what the point was or why she thought it was so funny, but it WAS freaking cute!
 I began a roast early in the day.  I also cleaned the entire kitchen.  It looks MUCH better.
 I mopped, too.  Look at that floor!  Shiny and pretty.
 I even arranged the fruit and onions...what?  Onions don't belong in a fruitbowl??
 I even put a few flowers on the table.
 Chloe remained cute and lovable.  Tell me she isn't cute, I dare ya!
 When Cora got home she was surprised!  I told her I'd be cleaning, but I don't know if she expected the house to look like it did.  She decided to give me my birthday gift early.

I'd better explain this before I go on, though.  We both are on Facebook.  Everyone always leaves a happy birthday message on everyone else's wall.  I decided I did not want to be just another person saying "Happy Birthday" for the fortieth time.  So, a few months back, I began leaving rhyming couplets on the birthday person's wall. After awhile they became several couplets.  Well, it got to become a thing that people expected.  My favorite involved wishing the person (a baker) would look into research, "no matter what it ends up costing/ in developing, given the number of candles you'll need, a flame retardant frosting."  Well, Cora cannot be outdone!  Here is what she sent me in an e-mail:

My husband has many talents
He keeps them all in balance
By writing birthday wishes
And keeping tropical fishes
His art is renowned by 4th graders
And he often studies craters
Although Airplanes are a true passion
He works to keep Chloe in fashion
A Kindle he wanted on his birthday
He thinks he will get something else this day
His wife and daughter think he is the best
So we have hidden something behind a chest!
We hope he finds it soon as he will be over the moon!

Well, this is what I found, after a brief search. 

 My very OWN AMAZON KINDLE!!!!!!!!  I don't know exactly how to EVEN match this gift!  She somehow sneaked this into the house and hid it for over a month.  Then she misled me into thinking she had bought me some "Other" books on my wishlist on Amazon!!  She is...well, words fail me.  I love this woman very much!  She has to be the very best wife ever!!!!  I KNOW IT!!

She, then, took the girl and read her a story...or in this particular case, sung.  While I unwrapped and charged and registered my absolutely AWESOME Kindle!
Dinner was great! It was a roast that I put in the crock pot with carrots, sweet onion, and potatoes.  Nice soft food.  On about the third bite into that wonderful dinner, after I had gotten this wonderful gift from my wife, I found something in my food that didn't seem right.

I never had the best teeth.  I have a couple crowns and a bridge.  I hate the dentist, but he loves me.

My third bite tasted just as good as the first two, but there was something different...something...hard.  OH MY GOD!!  That is a bone!  Then I realized it was a roast, then the thought crossed my mind:  BULLET!  Then I realized all was not right with other parts of my mouth...this was a CROWN!  A damned crown had chosen this particularly happy moment to fall off the stub of tooth that it protected.  Son of a-a-a-... shit.

Well, I took it in the bathroom. cleaned it and replaced it.  Tomorrow I will have to get it reattached.  I also need to get the snow tires off of Cora's car.  Tomorrow will be a busy birthday!  At least, I have a...wait for it...KINDLE!!!!!!!  No matter.  I have a wonderful wife and a lovely daughter, That's all I really needed for a happy birthday, but the Kindle, definitely makes it better!

Thanks Cora!  I love you!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Wonderful wife, cute daughter, great birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Yes you do have a wonderful wife and daughter, the little one is just Awesome,hope you keep having a SPECTACULAR Birthday !!!!!!:)
Aunt Carol

SpunkyBookworm said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! So glad you got the Kindle! And very happy that you have an extremely happy family!!

Charissa said...

Happy birthday Bro! Glad yesterday went mostly great. Love you.

jade said...

Happy b-day! Of course you have an adorable daughter and lovely wife, why do you think any one would disagree? Enjoy the rest of the week, even though you'll be pretty busy apart from taking care of the giggling upside down princess...