Monday, March 7, 2011


Someone in this household has to have her clock reset.  She started getting up at 6:30 on Saturday and has not gone back to her normal time of 7:30 since.  It doesn't seem to matter how late we keep her up, either.  Maybe she just likes that time with Daddy.  I'm going to have to start getting up earlier, though, since my caffeine intake is somewhat hampered by Chloe chasing.

If her clock doesn't reset SOON, she is going to be up WAYYYYY to early once daylight savings starts.


Charissa said...

I am having conflicting feelings of pity and "HA! HA! Sucks don't it?!"

jade said...

Over here, daylight saving in March means we loose an hour's sleep, ie at 7h30 winter time it is 8h30 summer time... so she would be perfectly on time here to get ready to go to daycare!
Enjoy the early mornings, we'll be thinking of you when we get up at 2h30... that hurts winter and summer!