Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Day With Daughter

 I missed out on a job for the day, so I stayed home with the daughter.  We started with breakfast in four courses.  We had an oatmeal course, which was denied, except for a few bites.  Then we had a pear/berry/oatmeal course which WAS accepted.  Then awhile later we had a canned peach course.  Then a little after that a scrambled egg course, and finally a hash brown course. She was in a good mood and we had a good day.

I needed to go into town for a few items, so we both drove to town.  As we were about to drive by the arboretum, I remembered that I had put the camera in the truck with me "just in case."  We pulled off and I snapped a few pictures.
 I think she's pretty.
We went on to get groceries and then home again.  While I put groceries away, Chloe played.

Chloe loves the little rocking horse we have. 
She has been really getting comfortable with it.
 a bit TOO comfortable.  She has been standing on the seat!  Each time we get after her and correct her actions.  She is really getting sure of herself.  She can be naughty and look you in the eye and smile.  She dares you to correct her.
 This is her shortly before I put her back on her bottom and growled at her.
 I wish I could say she wasn't smiling after I got done with her, but she seems to find that to be funny, too.  Seriously, this kid is someday going to make her teachers pull their hair out.  It's a good thing they seem ready to fight over her, now.  They think she is an angel.

Shhh-We just won't tell them how she really is.

We had a good day together.  I even managed to do a little laundry and dishes and make dinner (Corned beef and cabbage).  Both of us were in good condition when Mommy got home!


Lorrene said...

She really is a little dare devil. She is so funny and pretty and smart.

jade said...

Dear Jim,
I love reading your posts! They make me either smile or laugh (and sometimes cry, because I'm happy for you, not because I'm sad) - so glad you get to spend time with your little energy&smiles bomb!
Have a good weekend, and please send us some sun (Belgium's a small country, we don't need a lot, just a little would be fine!). regards, Jade

Anonymous said...

I know you keep hearing this ,but she is soooo cute, and growing like a weed.
Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

I just went back and looked at your pictures from when you got Chloe, she has got so big and happier with each picture you take of her. The change in her is just so awesome.You two were made to to be parents,You two will have a wonderful daughter when she grows up she is so amassing.
Aunt Carol