Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chloe Glow

It's that grin.  That healthy, bright eyed, smiling face that gets me every day.  Even when she's not being the most cooperative little lass, she has a tendency to look cute.  When you tell her "no," she looks at you.  Stops for a moment, then looks straight at you, in the eyes, and slowly reaches out to grab what she was told not to touch.  The whole while looking you straight in the eye.  The moment you look like you might move to stop her, she suddenly pulls her hand away and tries to look innocent.  Then it's all you can do to be stern.  Forget about stern, it's all you can do to keep a straight face...ah, what am I saying?  I'm hooked.


Lorrene said...

You can almost see her growing with each new photo you show us.
She is testing the waters with you. She is learning things very very young.

jade said...

Keep up the good work dad, you're doing just great! And so is Chloe of course! Just amazing how fast you went from "trying to capture a smile on photo" to having "smiling faces only"!