Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It Was a Dark Night

It was a dark night, when a Stranger claiming to be named "Heath" came to the door and slammed his fist upon our door.  I was not entirely impressed with his choice of attention getting sounds, since we have a perfectly serviceable doorbell.  It was not a friendly knock, more of a "I'm coming in" knock.  

I looked at him through the blinds and asked if I could help.  He said his name and said he was introducing my neighbors to a new "American Made" product.  In his hand I could see a role of paper towels.  In my opinion, paper towels might be an American made product, but I had distinct doubts to how new they are.  I smelled a fish.

He said he could hardly hear me and would I just open the door?  He repeated this last, saying it was hard to hear me.  I could hear him just fine.  It was a strange request, why was it so important that I open the door?  It was 7:30 and dark.  I was standing there in less than street clothes and not particularly interested in his "Product," which Cora seemed to have similar ideas about and she hissed, "Don't."  Which reinforced my feelings about the stranger.  That, and the lack of a sufficiently handy weapon should the door opening go south, kept me from opening the door.  What a foul fish this was.

I told him we weren't interested.  He said ok and left.  I watched as he left my porch, which had been his first stop (his white van was parked in the street.  He got into the cargo door...that meant there was a driver and possibly someone in the passenger seat...I could make out the driver.  Instead of moving to the next neighbor, or going down the street a bit, the van sped off and turned the corner not to be seen again.  I watched to see if I could spot a license plate, even a partial number might be useful, but it appeared the license plate was either not there or it was obscured.  What an entire load of dead, smelly fish!

I dialed 911.  no use someone actually opening the door to these jerks and then, who knows what they might do...American made product, my ass.

The rest of the evening was spent relaxing.  Or trying to relax.  It irritates and annoys me that you cannot be assured of your safety in your own house.  You have to take a proactive interest in your safety.  I am glad that I have taken several precautions before this to make this house safe.  The door was already locked and the back yard was closed and locked up, and all the windows were secured in at least a few ways.  We don't live in a bad neighborhood, but I have heard more than enough stories about forced enterings to be a little cautious about who I open the door to.  

Besides, who does door to door sales anymore, anyway?  I mean, IN THE DARK.  My porch light was not on.  I hope the house looks unwelcoming, but I guess I will have to make sure I make it a little more unwelcoming to strangers now...let's see...what's the address of that home defense catalog???

Well, on to better things.  I subbed at a local elementary.  I like it when the kids see me in the hallway and call out my name...or Mr. Awesome!  Today, I have a similar line-up.  Should be a nice, easy day.  Plus, the staff is nice.  

It snowed yesterday, but it didn't stick.  I was glad of that.  I think it is entirely time for SPRING!  I want to get some good Spring pictures this year.  The orchards are beautiful when they bloom.  In fact, in my opinion, it's the only time this area is REALLY beautiful, even the gray, ugly sagebrush gets a little greener.   

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