Monday, May 3, 2010

Wind's Day

Technically, it was a Monday.  I am not convinced the weather was aware of that fact though.  I think the weather thought it was WINDSDAY!  Whenever I looked out the window each of the trees was whipping about on its axis.  While awaiting the bus I leaned into the wind.  The kids lost their balance and leaned, too.  then for a moment the wind would pause, as if to take a breath, and the kids and I would lean too far!

Once in the classroom, it was the regular old bedlam.  Eleven kids were going eleven different directions and at eleven different fractions of the speed of sound, with the attendant noise of a squadron of jets and the lilting notes of a Play School toy.  We did get things done.  My lovely assistant made it possible.  She is a lovely lady with whom I enjoy working (let me just add that she is a grandmother who is JUST a tad young to be my own grandmother, but it would not be impossible).  Dora is the best!

The principal came in and asked how things were going.  He also said when he found out it was the two of us, he knew we'd be fine.  I think he may have been blowing smoke up our asses, but I took it as a compliment nonetheless.  This is the same guy, who two years ago could not remember my name.  Ah, well.

Tonight, we recover from the wind and the weekend.  The dogs are still tired from their weekend, too!


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ccd said...

Nice description of the kids, very believable. Glad you made it home safely.