Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day Two

I was a little reluctant to begin work today, owing mostly to the sore muscles I got yesterday.  I went ahead and began work on the step.

Here you see Sully...he likes to watch the birds come and go from our bird feeders!
Below you will see the continuing results of my work, and also, Pepper.
We had lemon, butter, garlic, pepper chicken...Mmmm-mmm good!
and the requisite flower photo...
I have two more pours to make tomorrow...I spent a good deal of time trying to relax, but I also felt the need to be working...ahh, conflicting aims!  I took a hot bath at about 2 pm to battle the spread of sore helped and I was able to begin the form for tomorrow's pours...

Hopefully this weekend will be remembered as the weekend that we made this place look good, rather than the weekend of sore muscles.

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