Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer Already?

So, this weekend was spent in a variety of ways.  Including: Cleaning, Yard work, and being sick.  Yes, somewhere, somehow, someone gave me the gift that keeps on giving.  I got a cold.  I think I am recovering now, though.  Saturday was, by far, the worst.

I was doing fine.  We had cleaned out the sewing room, which in the past three months had become that catch-all room that we all have.  Cora and I differ from most people, though, in that we have four to five of those rooms.  Anyway, it was sometime after noon and all of a sudden I began to feel like I had been climbing a mountain.  I began to feel as though I had run a marathon and then gotten hit by a truck.  I soon found myself laying down and taking a nap after medicating myself with cold meds.

On the bright side, we had made a good dent on that room and Cora could now walk in there.  We worked more on it yesterday.  I felt much better yesterday and managed to do some yard work and make some plans for the old homestead on top of helping Cora some more with her room and going grocery shopping.

Last night, after mowing the lawn and expanding my network of little black watering tubes to include the new side garden, we sat back and relaxed for a little while.  We realized we were outside, enjoying the weather and it was already 7:30!  We had grilled chicken on salad for dinner and enjoyed each other's company.  The weather, the company, and the fact that I was feeling much better made it a good weekend!

The weatherman mentioned that he expects us to be in the 80s by Friday...looks like Summer's a coming!

Maybe today's post should have been "Summer!  All Ready?"

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Cora said...

I had a great weekend, it was too short but I am happy that I can now get back to sewing!