Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What I Want!!

Every so often, I catch myself up on the world of photography.  Cameras change.  So, every once in awhile, I like to make sure I know what's hot.

I have fancied myself a photographer of sorts since high school.  I own a Pentax P-3N, but haven't used it for several years, since film is expensive AND we have a digital camera.  The Pentax is an SLR, which basically means you can switch lenses.

Our current digital camera is something we bought to take to China with us.  Hmmm, yeah.  We were very optimistic back then.  We got this darned Canon Elph in 2007!  It has served us well!  I have enjoyed using it and am happy with it.  It continues to be a wonderful camera.

I am picky about the cameras I buy.  They are a very serious purchase to me.  Akin to choosing a member of the family, though Cora will surely take issue.  This is an item that accompanies us everywhere!  It will be used in many different situations.  I depend on it to record those moments of life that I want to remember!  This is a serious subject for me.

I did months of research on the camera we took to Walt Disney World shortly after we were married.  It was a Minolta Vectis.  We still have it.  It served us well with a menagerie of options and settings.  I continue to be very pleased with the photos we took there.  It is an APS camera.  A smaller than 35mm film type, that may have disappeared for all I know.

I considered Digital Cameras to be questionable at best for quite a long time.  However, recently, the technology has proven its maturity.  I have begun looking into them again.  This time Digital SLRs!  Yes!  I know!  Film is and always has been the origin of photography.  However, I have proven myself to be fairly proficient in the dark room.  I feel I don't have to prove myself more.  Digital offers SOOOOO much more opportunity for alterations of the photograph!  I can do it on my computer and at my leisure (no camping out in a dark room with no females in sight...actually, in a dark room FULL of females, there would be no females in sight...).

The digital SLR I have chosen is the Nikon D90.  I have never owned a Nikon, but I have done a lot of drooling in the stores.  It feels good!  The options it offers are all within the realm of what I want.  I like a versatile camera, and the D90 does that!  Yes, Canons are very good too, but in the end it comes down to what you prefer (Be assured, I WILL be doing more research first hand to verify my findings).

I would not mind the next step up (the D300) but I really want a D90.  How can I afford to purchase this?  We ARE in the middle of an adoption.  I don't know.  I guess I could put some money away every payday, and in a few years I may be able to afford such a wonderful creation...Orrrr a large sum of money could fall out of the heavens...

Anyway, Cora thinks I have become obsessed about this subject.  I have not.  It's not like I keep a window open devoted to Nikon D90 reviews, or other photographic informational websites on my web browser...er, well, yeah, I do.  But I am not obsessed!

Of course, I was waiting for the car today at the dealership and picked up the National Geographic Traveler magazine and all I could think of was how I would get similar shots with my D90.  BUT, I AM NOT OBSESSED!!!

I saw a bridge today with some interesting weathering and thought about how I would shoot it with a nice zoom on the D90-esque camera in my imagination.

But I am NOT obsessed.

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Kelly said...

Ohhh, I want one of those, too!!!