Thursday, May 13, 2010

We Like Our Satellite TV

Well, these people do.  I saw this this afternoon and decided to take a picture so it would last longer.

I worked math at WHS today and this is what I saw on the way home.  I got a kick out of it and wanted to share it with you.

I also wanted to share a few little things I picked up from the kids.

1. How to insult yourself:

-I was handing out a quiz.  I was explaining that: "There should be nothing on your desks except for the 4X6 note card and a pencil or pen..."  I happened to glance down and saw a kid with a calculator, so I added, "...or a calculator like Tom here."

A girl in the back said, "You won't need a calculator on this test, Tom!"

Another girl said, "It's OK, Tom needs one, he's SPECIAL!"  She was using a politically incorrect way to indicate that Tom might be of less than normal intelligence.

Tom, not to be outdone by the girls, retorted, in what can best be described as misdirected verbal attack, "Yeah, SPECIAL ED!!!"  It had no sooner come from his mouth than he tried to swallow those words back up again, he had no doubt realized his mistake midstream.  The entire class, and me, broke up in fits of laughter at Tom's ability to insult himself.  (His statement, for those of you not up-to-date with modern insults, of course, was indicative that he belonged in Special Education classes.)

2. How to plan for the future:

-Later, after much silence from a different class as they struggled to overcome an apparently difficult quiz, a girl got up about 45 minutes into the class.  She looked a little disgusted.  She came back and handed me the quiz.  I glanced at it and noted that there didn't seem to be any work on it.  Then, I noticed that a couple problems had been worked on.  She said she had only managed one and maybe a second one.

When she sat back down a few others glanced at the clock, looked back at their papers and obviously threw their towels in.  They, too, called it quits and as the clock got closer to the bell, everyone joined.  At this point the girl that got up first took some cards out of her purse.  She discussed how hard the test was.  They all agreed they just bombed the quiz.

She told her friends that she'd been learning Poker.  "I figure when I drop out of college, I'll be a pro.  It's like planning for the future."  I think she was only half serious, but it made me laugh, nevertheless.

Oh, and as I walked into the office to return my key, I heard a girl tell her teacher, "That's Mr. H, you should have him sub for you.  He's a good sub."  Wow, there goes my ego, expanding and floating up to the ceiling.

I decided that might not sound too good.  I said, "It's 'cause I'm tough, isn't it?"

She responded, "All he makes us do is work very hard.  He's very strict."

I thought she might be going over the top.  I probably won't be requested by him now, oh, well.

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Grandma L said...

You always make me laugh.
Kids are so funny these days and schools are so tolerant. In my day we all sat there like statues until the bell rang. Or it could be that my memory has faded a little.