Friday, May 28, 2010


The rains came the past few days.  As you can see, through my truck window, it is not particularly easy to see through.  This is because we live in a fricking desert and I need to change my wipers, but, since we DO live in a desert and won't get a large amount of rain until November, I have NOT gotten new wipers.  At this rate, it will rain all summer long.  As soon as I break and get new wipers, it will stop raining.  So, I refuse to get wipers.  Mother nature can just bite it.
The skies do have their beautiful sides!  I took these on the way home.
My beautiful truck!  A short time after the rains came that day, the sun popped out.
So, I went out and took a few pictures of our flowers.  Are you folks tired of seeing flower pictures yet?
Neither am I!
I think a Nikon D90 would do a much better job, don't you?  These are pictures from our Canon.  I touched them up a bit.

I hope you all have a very good weekend!  Be safe!  I expect we will be working outside if the weather is good to us.  We have big plans.  A sidewalk and the forms to go with them.  If the sales are right, we might be buying a bit more siding and some more concrete.  I don't know if we'll put the siding up, but with a good sale, you can't pass it up!

I need to deliver a few paintings and see if they are up to snuff...hopefully they are!  Maybe we'll play some Wii or watch some Netflix.  I love summer!

Cold beer will go a long way to make the yard work easier!  Be safe and have fun!


Grandma L said...

I always like your flower pictures. That cloud behind your truck looks sort of like the beginning of a funnel cloud. The news reported that there had been some funnel clouds spotted near here. If you still believe in Santa, he may bring you that camera you want so much, but that means you would have to be good all year.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Awesome shots!

Anonymous said...

Go get some RAIN-X at Wal-mart in the auto dept.or where ever you want to get it. the yellow box. Put that on windshield. It works great if your wipers don't work well.The rain just beans off the windshield and you can see to drive.
The pictures are great.It looks like you are really going to have a storm,like Okla.
Aunt CR

Anonymous said...

oh yes that is supose to be beads off the windshield not beans off
aunt cr