Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's Been Awhile

Since I posted.  Nothing new going on.  No, not really.  Same old thing going on.  Teachin' and screechin'.  (usually screeching at the kids)

I am really excited about my chance to go see the crash sites this weekend.  Sounds like a few history junkies that work out there might be coming along.  I think I may print up some data sheets for their benefit.  I also may take some pictures with me to show them what the scraps of aluminum looked like before they were spread upon the desert floor.

Yesterday was such a nice day, when I got home I went out to the back yard to read and relax for a few minutes.  The moment I got out there, the city decided then was the perfect time to bring a street sweeper by and sweep the street.  So for fifteen agonizing minutes he drove around in circles, apparently picking up every stray mote of dust in the area and making three times the required noise.  I mean, DAMN!  Get a Dyson, dude!

On the bright side the birds are very happy with the set up, since we obviously feed them plenty, they hang around and look accusingly at us when we are in the back yard.  They look at you as if to say, "When are you leaving?  I'm hungry!"  The gold finches are the best.  They are so tiny, but they have such a beautiful song and their yellow colors are eye candy.

Our new fish...ok, two weeks old, are little miners.  They have excavated a bewildering array of tunnels which they use to chase each other through.  It's fun to watch one of them bring out a piece of coral gravel in its mouth and spit it out.  The fish are great for entertainment.

Well, I have to get ready to go teach math at the HS.  I was told by the teacher and one of the students later, that I was back by popular demand.  The students prefer me to other subs.  Because I explain math better?  Nah, because I "relate" better to them than other subs.  It's helping them with social skills or something, I forget what the teacher said.  The student said she and the rest of the students like me better...which, totally is ok with me.  I wonder if it is because I give the sixth period class color sheets...yeah, that might be it.  Oh, well!  It pays to be generous!

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Cora said...

I have lost the blogging spirit as well. It has been wonderful to enjoy the yard again, Hope you have fun in Math class maybe you will learn something.