Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Those Days

You know there are just some days where you know you work with pretty wonderful people.  They make you feel good about yourself and you just have a good day.  Yesterday was one of those days.

I was applying for a job with another school and asked the principal who always forgot my name if he would mind if I used him as a reference (I know, but after yesterday's pat on the back, I thought, why not!).  He said he would be happy to be a reference for me.  He'd let me know if anyone called.  And said things to the effect that I would be a good fit anywhere.

As I was passing through the staff lounge, several people wanted to be sure I had eaten.  Not just, "Have you eaten yet?" More like, "Jim, sit down and eat."  "Did you have some of this?  Try it!"  Once I had assured each of them that I had partaken in "TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK" food stuffs, I was allowed to proceed on my way.  I swear some of those protective paras and grandmothers would have me gagging down cookies all day long if they had it their way.  Not like I need cookies or anything, but the thought counts in my book.

Oh, and the wonderful para I worked with the last three days in the pre-school did not mind getting me coffee.  Which, I did not insist on and when she asked me if I wanted coffee I expected her to tell me where it was not to go off and get me a cup!  So, I made sure I either had coffee or went and got it myself, after that.  She also tried to feed me.  She was simply the best person to have with me in that pre-school class.  

At the end of the day, yesterday, was PE for the little kids.  Different from most classes, the teacher stays with the class to help the little kids participate in PE.  It was a form of musical chairs.  The PE Teacher, a guy I admire and like, had the remote control for the music.

Each of us was to sit in a hoop when the music stopped, until that point we were to run around the hoops, which were placed in a circle.  I thought I was being cool and smart getting myself out early.  Only, the Para was smarter.  She had been helping one of the lower performing children participate.  Then she came to me and said I needed to do it since she was getting tired.  I was not going to argue with a lady who might be in her 60s or seventies.

So, back I went into the fray.  Running around the hoops with a kid in hand.  We kept being right next to a hoop when the music stopped.  I thought we were just lucky until I heard the PE Teacher say to the rest of the kids just how "GOOD" Tyler and Mr. H were.  I got suspicious.  My suspicions were confirmed and the PE Teacher seemed to be enjoying this.  He said he sometimes forgot to stop the music.  He was quite a joker, since I was beginning to break a sweat.  Finally, we got lucky and a kid got to a hoop before we could.  OK, maybe I was going slow.  But suddenly the game was over and we were out there again!

I didn't mind, because Tyler was apparently having the time of his life.  When they smile at you like that, how can you say, no?  It was fun.  And the PE Teacher took pity on me.  he had all the kids line up and went through the line giving them a high five.  When he got to me he made as though to wipe the sweat off my brow.  HA HA!  Joker.  He is just an overall nice guy.

It was a good day.  Today, I get to teach kinders in Wap!!

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ccd said...

Sounds like fun. Glad they know to tease you, someone needs to. Cool about the paras. HAve a good day bro. Oh, aweome on the coloring book thermometer =)