Thursday, May 27, 2010

Touchy Touchy

I taught another high school math class today.  No biggy.  I handed out papers and then made sure they were working...well, I made sure they were jumping around and causing trouble.

I continue to drool over cyber versions of my camera.  OK, it isn't mine.  YET!  I mentioned the Nikon D90 DSLR camera, I believe, in a recent post.  I probably didn't spend much time describing it, I think I probably just mentioned it in passing.  You may not have even noticed.

I needed to get some groceries.  However, not so far from the place where I was planning to get groceries is a...Best Buy.  Yes, I know, Cora doesn't like me to stray from the plan...but it was SOOOOO close.  I walked in and told a guy I'd like to cop a feel of his cameras.  So, I had a very good conversation with the guy.  He showed me both of the cameras I had been looking at.  I looked at the Nikon and the Canon.  I liked the canon, but it was very bulky and it has only 9 point metering while the Nikon had a better heft, felt more manageable in my hand, and 11 point metering.  The price is right, too.

Of course, I have a few things to do before I can purchase a camera, I have to do a few things for sell two cars and a video camera that we have used approximately four times.  I think she is totally too demanding...but, you gotta keep the wife happy.

I made beef and snow pea stir fry tonight and asparagus stir fry.  I ran out of rice, so we used turned out VERY nicely!

Oh, did I mention it rained like cats and dogs today where I worked?  It was crazy!

Hmmm...I guess that's all I have for now...I should probably mention that I preferred the Nikon.

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Anonymous said...

Go get some Rain-x for your windshield it works great when the windshield wipers don't work to well. The rain just beads off.
Your pictures are great.
Aunt CJR