Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wedding Photos

We went for a little drive so we could attend the wedding of Cora's cousin, Laura.  She and her (now) husband, Terry, are a wonderful couple, despite Terry's apparent poor vision (now I know you are reading this, so I'll have to be careful about complementing you Laura!).  

Below is a picture of Cora and I as we skimmed low over I-90 heading west. 
As we crested the summit I decided we needed a picture of the "fog/clouds" we were flying through.  Cora disagreed, but she didn't get to the camera first.  She was not happy that I was taking pictures while I was driving.
Nor was she particularly pleased that I wanted to take her portrait.  SEE?
I think she is very attractive, you?  She wasn't REALLY mad, though.
This is how she looked when we got to the hotel...isn't she cute?
We checked in and then went to meet with the rest of the family for lunch!  Yes, that handsome guy in the John Deere hoody and that lovely lady in the purple blouse and the cute little kid are not, technically, related, but I think they may as well be family, since I have become quite fond of them!
We returned to the hotel and readied ourselves for the coming wedding!  I think Cora looks beautiful!
I was there, too...
And, I gotta say, I looked pretty damned good!

And, I decided to grace the Grandmothers of the bride and groom with my presence in a photo, too!
Well, the ceremony would be here, but we were asked to put our cameras away.  A shame, too, since I could have graced SOOO  many more people with my image.  Oh, well.

They had a beautiful cake...fresh flowers!
Oh, and the bride.  Oh, I was going to try to not say anything nice about her...but...I can't.  She was beautiful, too!
Oh, and that guy behind me isn't a bouncer, though, I always thought he'd be a good bouncer, no, that's my brother-in-law!  Ryan.  He really is fond of me.  It's not obvious, but he loves me!
I loved the fact that it was in a museum, but, maybe, the best thing was the men's room.  I know what you're thinking.  "Men's room?  What could possibly be in a men's room that you would enjoy SO much?"  Well, here.  Look at the view!  As you finish peeing you turn around and- WHOA!  There's Tacoma!  Gosh, I feel a little OUT there!  Still, aside from the various families driving by ogling me, it was a beautiful view!
Oh, and then there was the bride and groom.  Almost forgot about them with the bathroom view!
but, the best part (Sorry, Laura) was the B-17 engine!!!!
The museum was beautiful from the exterior, too!
Of course, maybe the most beautiful thing, that is, the most touching thing was the Son-In-Law/Father-In-Law dance.  Not ALL weddings have this dance, so I think it was quite special that this one did.
So, it was fun at the wedding, plus, Cora and I got to see Rita, Bob, Wayne, and Goldie!  They were the life of our table!  Here we see Rita talking with her hands!  
It was a great evening!  Cora and I went back to the hotel room and relaxed.  This morning we got up and had breakfast with her parents.  Then we all packed up and went our respective ways.  Cora and I headed for Seattle.  Looking for our beloved fish stores.
We found the fish stores!  Oh, here are a few pictures of the corals that were on sale.  Oh, and those prices are in dollars.  DOLLARS!!  That green coral on the right IS $275!!!
Doesn't it make you want to have your own REEF TANK?
Yes, that one on the far left says $450!!!!!  YOWSA!!!
You will all be happy to know we did not buy these!  I spent some money my sister, brother-in-law and my wonderful niece and nephews gave Cora and me!We bought what they call frags.  Short for fragments.  These are pieces of viable corals that WILL grow.  You just have to have patience.  On the bright side, they are CHEAP!  We got some awesome little frags.  We got some Zoanthids (these are little polyps) and a couple mushrooms.  AND we got three fish.  They are just damsels, but they are very pretty!  I think, with a little work, we will have a beautiful tank.  Thank you Sis for the push!

It was a long day, but we made it home!  here we are on the trip back.  Please compare with the picture above...I think we look tired, don't you?
 But, it was a good two days!  You know why?  Because I always go places with this wonderful woman.  We share so many interests and so many memories...well, it is hard to imagine a time without her.  Laura and Terry, I hope you are as lucky as I am.  Congratulations!


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend!!

ccd said...

Fun pictures! Thank you for taking us on a guided tour of your weekend.

Grandma L said...

What a super wedding day that was.