Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Side Yard

Our side yard has become quite the haven for little winged flurries of feathers.  The little free-loaders have no issue mooching off of us.  I don't mind, though, since some of them are VERY pretty!  I guess the Gold Finches are my favorites, but the House Finches are pretty, too.

I have been reluctant to get a new barbecue, despite Cora saying we needed one.  Well, last night, ours burned me- not out of spite, it is simply cantankerous and on it's last legs.  It doesn't know any better.  It wobbles and the small upper grill fell out a couple weeks ago, and I forget to replace it when the thing is still cool.  Only after I have fired up the charcoal do I recall the small upper grill hanging above the BBQ.  Oh, and there was a screw or bolt or something that held the lid on nice and even...that disappeared.  I don't remember how old the thing is...is it only one year old or is it two?

I guess you don't need anything particularly special to BBQ steak, and that may be why I have been reluctant to get a new grill.  All I need is a hot bed of coals and a hand full of hickory chips and my steaks taste pretty damned good!  I also love hickory smoked chicken...yeah, yeah, I know!  All of you are saying "Mesquite is better for chicken."  Well, have one of my hickory smoked chicken breasts and see if you don't change your mind!  I wish we had hickory trees around here.  I would raise my own smoking wood trees!

on the bright side, we paid the minimum for the grill we have.  I think it was 30 dollars...not bad for all the use we get out of it.  Maybe it IS time for another 30 dollar Wal-Mart BBQ...

Maybe I can make the old one into a mulch maker thingy...

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Grandma L said...

How could you possible find a camera that would take a better picture than your close-up flower pictures?