Sunday, May 23, 2010

Accidental Shed

So, this eye sore disappeared.

So, I began the weekend with the thought of putting the door in the shed and maybe putting in a tiny sidewalk addition.

I did not plan on THIS!!  But, WOW!  I am seriously proud of this!  Cora and I both worked hard on it today!  Cora worked just as hard as I did and deserves as much credit!

I began the morning considering putting a new sidewalk from the new door to the slab.  I had even put up string and stakes...but when I called Cora out for a consultation, one of us threw out the idea of siding.  I said I thought it would be easy (Can I just say, I am forever doing and saying things I later regret in some way or another-kinda like my mouth writing checks my body can't cash).  We jumped in the truck and went to the local home improvement store.

We got plenty of stuff and came back and we got to work.  Six hours later this is what had appeared in our back yard!  It was completely accidental.  We had not planned on putting siding on the shed, it just happened!

Of course, we only put siding on the side toward the house.  It's like having a whole new shed!  It's frickin' awesome!!!!  

My entire body is vehemently complaining about the past two days.  I lead a very sedentary life, and, although I am capable of strenuous activity, I generally avoid it.  Apparently for good reason.  This HURTS!!!!  There are approximately 500 muscles in my body that are on strike in one form or another.  What?  You don't think the human body HAS 500 muscles?  I just looked it up.  It has between 650 and 850 muscles!  So my five hundred are making an uproar.  Those that aren't are just too tired to even do THAT!


Grandma L said...

That is great looking. My shed needs an upgrade and this might work on mine. Dennis repaired the doors on it this weekend. They were about to fall off.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

It looks soo good. Great job! Something to be proud of!

covnitkepr1 said...

Now thats waht I call "shed improvment."
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