Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shed Door

When we bought our house, it had a shed for storage out next to the alley.  It's a very old shed.  It predates the house itself by decades...6 or 7 perhaps.  The door is accessible from the alley side of our 6 foot fence, placed there for a combination of privacy and to keep the dog in.  So, for the past ten years, if I wanted to put something in storage, I had to either open the large gates that allow cars inside the yard or I had to put it in the truck and drive it around.

Most of the time, the effort required to manipulate the gate made me decide on using the truck.  We have been wanting to put a door in the shed that allows access from the yard.  We have two exterior doors in storage, and plan to use those for the shed.

I have simply put it off.  I'm lazy. 

Well, two weekends ago, I grew tired of going around through the alley to put stuff in the shed.

I own a Skilsaw.  An electric saw that is usually used for cutting wood that has not been made into something yet.  You know, like 2X4s and stuff.  It can also be used to cut into flat surfaces.  Like walls.

One of the reasons I have put it off is that fact that my father is a carpenter and usually makes putting things in, like doors, look easy.  It might have something to do with something along the lines of fifty years experience doing such things.  I just figure he could do it better and faster.  Well, it comes down to us all having to schedule such things.

I put scheduling things off, too.

So, two weekends ago, I took my Skilsaw and created a hole in the wall of the shed about 18 inches wide and 36 inches tall.  Large enough for me to get through without too much effort and also, small enough to cover up.

Well, this is the weekend!  I am going to make a trip to the dump, taking with me all of the yard refuse that has piled up and needs to go.  Then I am going to come back and cut an even larger hole in the side of the shed and put in the door.

I know it won't be as pretty as something my father could do, but, by gawd, how hard can it be?  Of course, he is only 30 miles if I find myself too far in...I can always call for help.      

I also plan on making some concrete forms for an extension of our sidewalk.  This will, hopefully, prevent the dog from wearing a path into the grass in that general area.  we have a sizable number of bags of concrete that I bought on sale from one of the box stores years storage.  In the shed.

ALL of this will be made easier by having a door to the shed.  Eventually, we will put electricity in there and I hope to put in a few benches to be used as a shop/fix-it area...ah, I love plans.

Now, how do I pry myself off my chair and begin this wonderful plan?

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Grandma L said...

So you can't stay out of your chair. You have a butt magnet. You have one in your chair as well.You will need minor surgery to have the one in your butt removed or since you are a, do it your selfer, you can probably remove the one from your chair and save that trip to the doc. I have no doubt that you will be able to put in the door and sidewalk.I know you and I know you can do it.